That is smart

Bendable Hook

Needs no tools to mount, reposition & remove...See below for more

  • Works on smooth surfaces: glass, tile, metal, plastic, wood & sealed drywall, etc.
  • Never leaves any mess behind to clean up.
  • Hook capacity is one pound +, Water proof usages, working best @15-100 °F.
  • Large imprinting area for logo & branding.
  • Takes less space to store & lowers costs of printing, packing & shipping.
  • Available in bulk, custom, or retail packaging.
  • White hook only, other color/shape @ MOQ welcome.
  • Without new adhesive repositionable & reusable many times
  • More affordable & convenient than the most popular reusable brand.

 Enhances any hanging object... like placing them near their point of usage
 i.e. car/house keys, tools, bathroom & kitchen hanging paraphernalia.

Bendable hook can fasten wiring… great for placing Christmas lighting on wall.